The style we teach is "Six Step", or Tap Step, said to be the original American 50's, Rock'n'Roll.

    Rock'n'Roll Dancing, is a partner dance, performed primarily to 50's & 60s Music, but lends itself to, some of the more modern dance music. The beat of the music can be fairly fast, giving the dancers a good cardio workout, also good, to build up stamina. Can also be helpful with weight loss.

    Rock'n'Roll is fun to learn & with a little, patients, perseverance & practice, is quite easy to master.

    We teach, Beginners Rock'n'Roll dance lessons, 2 nights a week at Ingleburn Bowling Club , teaching the same moves each night (in that week). Making it even easier to learn. Classes are of 1 hour in duration. New Courses start every 8 weeks.

    To Make The transition from Beginners, too Intermediate, easier, we have introduced a Beginners 2 Course  

    To make it easy on the pocket, there is no upfront sign on charges, (you just pay as you go) & no need to book in. Just show up on the night about 15 minutes before the lesson is due to start. 

Big Als Rock'n'Roll

Has been Teaching in The Macarthur Area for the passed 20yrs. Not only are we the longest Serving, but also The biggest & The Cheapest in the area. 

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Beginners Rock'n'Roll Steps

The beginners course consists of 15 moves, more than enough to start you dancing... You start in the first week learning the BASIC 6 step, (tap step) Rock n Roll move, then the UNDERARM TURN and THE RETURN.

Then, over the next few weeks, you will be taught:

The Basic Windmill

Left Hand American Spin


Right Hand American Spin

Change Hands Behind The Back

American Spin For Both

Open Rock

Right Hand Low-High-Low

The Box

Left Hand, Low-High-Low

The Cuddle

Rolling off the arm and

The Yo-Yo

Each week, we build onto the dance


There are Ten different intermediate courses. To avoid confusion and so that you know what you have done, we give you complementary course move sheet. Each Course builds on the basics learned in the beginners course and there is no particular order in which to complete them as they are all of the same degree of expertise.

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